The Freedom From Religion Foundation Metropolitan Chicago Chapter (FFRFMCC) is established to serve as a local arm of the national Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF).

Mission Statement

The mission of the FFRFMCC is:

1)    To support the mission of the FFRF at the local level:

  • Promote and uphold the constitutional principle of separation of state and church
  • Educate the public on matters relating to non-theism

2)    To perform the following:

  • Act as a social organization for freethinkers to meet, gather and converse with other like-minded individuals
  • Coordinate community service and charity work and create partnerships with secular-based charitable organizations/foundations
  • Community outreach to increase membership of the national FFRF
  • Work to encourage atheists, agnostics and skeptics to be open about their non-belief


The FFRFMCC will perform all activities within the greater metropolitan Chicago area, including the counties of Cook, Du Page, Kane, Lake, McHenry and Will of the State of Illinois.

To become a member of FFRFMCC, a person must first be verified as a paid member of the national FFRF.

The FFRFMCC will operate as an independent non-profit association. However, both the chapter and its members, while acting as representatives of the FFRFMCC, must conduct themselves in accordance with FFRF rules, regulations and bylaws.  This, most importantly, will include no organized participation in activities that would be related to supporting a specific political party, campaigning for specific political candidates, or lobbying for local, state and federal legislation.

Financial Requirements

FFRFMCC dues are:

  • Individual Annual Membership – $15.00 (Eligible for One Vote)
  • Household Annual Membership – $20.00 (Eligible for Two Votes)
  • Student Annual Membership – $5.00 (Eligible for One Vote)
  • Individual Lifetime Membership – $200.00 (Eligible for One Vote)
  • Household Lifetime Membership – $250.00 (Eligible for Two Votes)

Household memberships consist of up to two adults and any number of their children under the age of 21.

Annual memberships run from January 1 to December 31.

Non-dues paying individuals will be allowed to attend meetings and participate in certain authorized events and activities, but will not be considered members or have full benefit of membership such as voting privileges.

As an officially approved chapter of the national FFRF, the FFRFMCC will establish itself initially as an unincorporated not-for-profit association.


The FFRFMCC will be governed by a Board of six (6) members, consisting of:

  • Two (2) Executive Officers
    –     President
    –     Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Two (2) non-officers

The President, upon any appointment, must be approved by the Executive Committee of the national FFRF in order for the chapter to be officially recognized by FFRF.

Each Board member will serve a term of two (2) years, and terms will be staggered such that one-half of the Board positions are eligible for election in any given year.

In order to stagger the positions for the first FFRFMCC Board, the initial Vice President, Secretary and one of the non-officer members will serve a term of one (1) year.

If a Board member is unable to complete his or her full term, the Board will appoint a replacement to serve the remainder of the term.

The purpose of the Board is to address chapter business, as well as issues raised by the chapter membership to determine what actions, if any, should be taken. As the governing body, only the Board members, with the exception of the President, can vote regarding such issues/actions.  In the event of a tie, the President will cast the deciding vote.

Committees will be formed as necessary to assist in achieving chapter objectives.  Committee Chairs will be assigned by the Board.  Committees will be comprised of member volunteers approved by the Board and the Committee Chairs.

In the election of Board members, only dues-paying members in good-standing are eligible to run or vote.  The membership base will elect the Board.

The FFRFMCC Board will establish, maintain and amend bylaws under which the organization is governed.

Chapter Meetings

Business meetings of the chapter membership shall be held no less than two times per year.

Business meetings of the chapter Board will be held no less than one time per quarter.

All chapter meetings will be held in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.

All chapter membership meetings and chapter Board meetings will be presided over by the President and/or Vice-President.

All chapter membership and chapter Board meeting minutes will be made available to all chapter members.

Standing committee and ad hoc committee meetings will take place at the discretion of the committee chairs.

Committee Chairs will provide all committee meeting minutes to the Board immediately upon completion of those minutes.

Membership Conduct

As members of the FFRFMCC, each individual shall:

  1. Respect the constitutional precept of the separation of state and church.
  2. Recognize everyone’s individual right under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution to exercise their religious or non-religious freedoms.
  3. Not conduct any activities resulting in bigotry, intolerance or violence.Any member(s) suggesting an activist response involving the violation of an individual’s civil rights through hateful speech, violence, or destruction of personal, private or public property will be asked to leave.
  4. Live, survive and thrive on respect, and by demonstrating that to others, make our message of the morality of non-theism apparent to all.
  5. Promote rationalism by acting and behaving rationally.