Tom Cara – President – Term expires 5/31/2017


Tom, who has been a life member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation since 2010, began coordinating efforts for a Chicago area chapter of FFRF in April, 2012. He is a declared atheist whose religious skepticism began during his high school years in the mid-1970’s. He is married with two grown children and has worked professionally as an advertising media planner/buyer since 1985 in both the consumer and business-to-business markets. Additionally, Tom has been active with several non-profit organizations/groups, including the Park Ridge Healthy Community Partnership, the Maine (Township, IL) Community Youth Assistance Foundation (MCYAF), as well as working with the “Teens Against Tobacco Use” program of the American Lung Association.

Evan Kane – Vice President – Term expires 5/31/16


Evan is a realty scientist and a member of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association, which is mostly made up of economists and academics. He prides himself on taking a scientific and systematic approach to the real estate market and has been a pioneer for the use of analytic methodologies in residential real estate. He is also a student of behavioral marketing and influence science. All of these skills and knowledge he puts to good use to help clients make good decisions, save time and save money in a way that few other agents can. He has considered himself an atheist since the age of 13.


Joel Frazin – Treasurer – Term expires 5/31/17


Joel was adopted into a Jewish family at birth. His doubt in the existence of a god began at age 15. His father is a rabbi who respects his non-belief. Though raised in the Jewish faith, his doubts prevented him from feeling a need or connection with a temple. After moving to New York for graduate studies, his separation from Jewish tradition became complete.Having been exposed to the big three religions in some form or another and realizing they all say much of the same thing but with different names, he then looked toward eastern meditation, Buddhism, and Taoism. Finally, after reading The God Delusion and Evolution of God, he realized there is no need for god or religion.

Joel has a BS in computer science, an AA in business and music theory, and an MA in communications focusing in film and computer graphics, and has made a career as an options trader.

Ori Gottlieb

Ori Gottlieb – Term expires 5/31/16


Ori grew up in a completely secular home, celebrating some of the Jewish holidays and traditions as a means of having an atmosphere for self-reflection. But he considers himself a man of science, which he believes to be a means of uncovering truth.

After medical school, he started residency at the University of Chicago.
Upon completing his anesthesia residency in 2002, he stayed on as faculty and is currently an Associate Professor specializing in general anesthesia, perioperative care, regional anesthesia, and medical informatics.  According to Ori, “On a daily basis, I witness the marvels of science, as I treat patients and provide care. If the world were to start again, all religions and traditions would be different.  Re-invented.  Re-created. Science, on the other hand would allow for the truth to once again be uncovered.  The same TRUTH.”


Jane Winter

Jane Winter – Term expires 5/31/17


Jane has been a member of FFRF for over 10 years and is very interested in working with the Metropolitan Chicago Chapter on issues that help keep church and state separate. She has a teaching and coaching background, and currently provides home-bound tutoring services to public school students in the western suburbs.Jane is married to fellow FFRFMCC member, Mike Winter and they have 4 grown children, all freethinkers too! Her religious past includes way too many years spent in Catholic Churches, but now is a member of the Unitarian Universalist congregation in Naperville. Her moral code is:  Guided by reason, Inspired by compassion, Informed by experience

Bob Elmore – Secretary – Term expires 5/31/16


Bob is a Chicago area commercial photographer plying his trade for architectural, construction and engineering firms in addition to advertising agencies and graphic designers. After an initial 16 years of formal Catholic education and concluding that all religions were nonsense, he then spent the next 35 years wondering why hordes of seemingly smarter people were still enduring their delusions of a supernatural world. He finally found his grounding after discovering the FFRF seven years ago and is thankful that our new Chicago chapter is off to a stable start. Aside from reading anything of a free-thought nature, he also is a private pilot and loves nothing more than cruising the “heavens”, with or without other “souls” aboard.