Tom Cara – President – Term expires 5/31/15

Tom, who has been a life member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation since 2010, began coordinating efforts for a Chicago area chapter of FFRF in April, 2012. He is a declared atheist whose religious skepticism began during his high school years in the mid-1970′s. He is married with two grown children and has worked professionally as an advertising media planner/buyer since 1985 in both the consumer and business-to-business markets. Additionally, Tom has been active with several non-profit organizations/groups, including the Park Ridge Healthy Community Partnership, the Maine (Township, IL) Community Youth Assistance Foundation (MCYAF), as well as working with the “Teens Against Tobacco Use” program of the American Lung Association.

Evan Kane – Vice President – Term expires 5/31/14

I am a realty scientist and a member of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association, which is mostly made up of economists and academics. I pride myself on taking a scientific and systematic approach to the real estate market and I have been a pioneer for the use of analytic methodologies in residential real estate. I am also a student of behavioral marketing and influence science. All of these skills and knowledge allow me to help clients make good decisions, save time and save money in a way that few other agents can. I have considered myself an atheist since the age of 13 and my atheism is now an important part of my world view and how I see myself as a person.

Melinda Dunker – Treasurer – Term expires 5/31/15

Melinda is an independent contractor in the field of business process design with a background in accounting, business policy, and organizational behavior. She was raised in a Catholic family. In her early twenties, following significant research into the origins of religions, she left the church and rejected Christian doctrine and supernatural beliefs. She is interested in promoting the benefits that can accrue to humanity from critical thinking skills.

Robert Kezelis – Term expires 5/31/14

54, attorney, artist and practicing curmudgeon. Graduate of John Marshall Law School and Northwestern University. Was the first American asked to teach Law in Lithuania in 1991, after it gained its independence from the USSR. Former president Lithuanian American Bar Association, long time FFRF and ACLU member. Current technology writer for the Illinois Trial Lawyer’s Association magazine. Palos Heights, IL

Steve Foulkes – Webmaster – Term expires 5/31/15

Steve is an analyst at a financial company and became an atheist around the age of twenty. He is honored to have been accepted as a United States citizen from his native England. He thinks the US Constitution is the most important document in the history of humankind. He enjoys playing golf in his spare time and, if asked if he is a ‘glass half full’ or ‘glass half empty’ kind of person, he would reply that he is a ‘glass at 50% capacity’ kind of person. Steve lives with his wife, two dogs and two cats in a completely religion-free home in Grayslake.

Bob Elmore – Secretary – Term expires 5/31/14

Bob is a Chicago area commercial photographer plying his trade for architectural, construction and engineering firms in addition to advertising agencies and graphic designers. After an initial 16 years of formal Catholic education and concluding that all religions were nonsense, he then spent the next 35 years wondering why hordes of seemingly smarter people were still enduring their delusions of a supernatural world. He finally found his grounding after discovering the FFRF seven years ago and is thankful that our new Chicago chapter is off to a stable start. Aside from reading anything of a free-thought nature, he also is a private pilot and loves nothing more than cruising the “heavens”, with or without other “souls” aboard.