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Metropolitan Chicago Chapter (FFRFMCC) is the

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The purpose of the FFRFMCC is to:

  • Protect the constitutional principle of separation of state and church
  • Educate the public on matters relating to non-theism
  • Act as a social organization for freethinkers to meet, gather and converse with other like-minded individuals
  • Coordinate community service and charity work and create partnerships with secular-based charitable organizations/foundations
  • Work to encourage atheists, agnostics and skeptics to be open about their non-belief

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FFRF Calls for State/Church Separation  in Chicago’s Daley Center Plaza

The Freedom From Religion Foundation and its Metropolitan Chicago Chapter have put on display once again a counter to a Catholic “prayer shrine” erected each year in Daley Center Plaza.  The religious shrine features a nine foot laser print of Jesus Christ, and a 20 foot Latin cross for the Christian “holy week,” as well as small signs describing Sister Maria Faustina, the Catholic saint of divine mercy, kneeling benches for prayer, and of course, the proverbial donation cup.

This display, placed by the Divine Mercy Project, is an attempt to proselytize and convert individuals to Catholicism using secular taxpayer property.  FFRF protests this egregious religious display on government property by erecting its own display calling for state/church separation.  It features two large banners with images of and secular government quotes from founding fathers Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.  Two smaller signs emphasize the founding reasons for keeping government and religion separate.

The FFRF display will be up from Saturday, March 26th through Sunday, April 3rd.  Daley Center Plaza is located at 50 W. Washington St. in Chicago.

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