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Challenging Religious Beliefs Discussion Workshop #2

The FFRFMCC is pleased to announce we will be continuing our discussions on “Challenging Religious Beliefs,” which we began last spring.  The objective of these workshops is to assist non-theists by facilitating a group discussion among fellow freethinkers, allowing them to share their thoughts about how best to address various talking points often posed by those of religious faith.

Visit our event page for more information.

Space is limited, so if you would like to participate in our 2nd workshop on “Challenging Religious Beliefs,” please click here to RSVP on our Doodle poll

Admission:  $10 per person suggested donation (to help cover food/drink/venue costs).

or more information. Our first such activity last May generated a great turnout, lively discussion, and some very rational counterpoints to religious positions regarding the compatibility between religion and science, and whether belief in a god is necessary for morality.

The summary of the May discussion workshop can be found here.  The topics for our September discussion will be presented at the start of the event

The activity will begin with a session addressing two separate religious talking points.  If more than one discussion group is required due to attendance size, we will then bring all attendees together to summarize what each group talked about.

At the conclusion of the workshop, we will then segue into our September meetup social, which will be a luncheon of bottomless pizza, salad and soft drinks, and more great secular conversation!

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