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If You’re An Atheist, What the Hell’s Wrong With You? The FFRFMCC Letter to Governor Kasich

“You know that Daniel Radcliffe has declared himself an atheist? I’m serious. What a weird thing. Why would a guy who had all that success, just – I mean what the hell’s wrong with him? To become a declared atheist – I mean – I don’t know why you would even say that. But anyway, he’s an odd guy isn’t he? He’s not really gone – he’s not really taken off, has he?”

– Governor of Ohio, John Kasich

The Chicago Tribune thought these comments were ridiculous enough to slightly poke fun at as Washington Post writer Helena Andrews-Dyer wrote, “So John Kasich walks into a bookstore. And somehow a celebrity beef ensues.”

Since Governor Kasich’s remarks, many atheist or non-theist groups have shared their thoughts about his comments or sent their response to the governor himself.

The FFRF Metropolitan Chicago Chapter sent a letter to Governor Kasich as well.

Read what the FFRFMCC Director Tom Cara had to say about Governor Kasich’s disparaging remarks concerning atheist voters.

Letter to Governor Kasich”>


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